I Thessalonians is written first out of Pauline epistles, James is written first out of all epistles, but Romans is compiled after Gospels because of its content after gospel. It contains the great salvation plan of God


On the third missionary journey of Paul, he was raising funds for the church in Jerusalem. He was going to Jerusalem thru Corinth, then thru Macedonia (Acts 19:21,22). But when he reached Corinth, it was extreme winter so he stayed there for 3 months(Acts 20:3 – AD 56,57), that’s when Gaius helpful to the church there)

GAIUS - Paul calls him host of the whole church Rom 16:23,  Acts 19:29, 20:4, 1Cor 1:14, 3 John 1:1

Sent thru  Sis.Phoebe(Rom16:1) from Cenchrea church, Bro Tertius wrote this epistle for Paul(Rom16:22)


Without these brothers and sisters he couldn’t have had done these ministries (gospel, teaching, writing epistles and forming churches.


Roman catholics believe Peter made the church in Rome, that is why they call Pope seat as the throne of Peter, but acc to the word of God , peter hasn’t started any church in Rome, Peter was mostly in Jerusalem solving the problem there. If Peter had started the church there, atleast once Paul would have mentioned his name in this epistle.


Always mentioned no difference between Greeks and jews coz, at that time 1000’s of Jews came to the Lord, but they still couldn’t accept gentiles. Corneliuos, some people came with Peter(acts 10:23) to check what is he going to do among gentiles(44-47)- Annointment not only comes when hands are clapped.


The church in Jerusalem was financialy weak, Paul was trying to put away the differences between jews & gentiles. He had a doubt if jews would accept their gift.





(Note – This class is written according to the order of English Bible, so when it comes to Malayalam bible or any other language, there might be a difference in the order of verses, but all the important areas are covered )


Verse 1- 3      Introduction – Calling and Designation- 


Verse 1 –              Bond Servant – Doulos (in greek)

Calling, Separated


Verse 2 -  1Pet 1:10 - Of this salvation the prophets have inquired and searched carefully, who prophesied of the grace that would come to you,

, Acts 3:22-26 - For Moses truly said to the fathers, ‘The LORD your God will raise up for you a Prophet like me from your brethren. Him you shall hear in all things, whatever He says to you................... having raised up His Servant Jesus, sent Him to bless you, in turning away every one of you from your iniquities.”


In verses 3-6  - Concerning Jesus Christ – the theme of Gospel


Verse 3- concerning – Ish 9:7, 11:1


Verse 4 - Declared – He declared, that’s why he was crucified, God proved among all that He is Son of God – John 8:40, 57-59

>> Through His death and resurrection - He proved who He is – His Power and His Holiness


Verses 5 & 6 – For His name – Don’t forget that God has called us for His Name – Acts 15:14, 1Peter 2:9 (chosen as Holy)

>> His Apostleship and Grace– 1 Cor 15:9,10 - For I am the least of the apostles, who am not worthy to be called an apostle, because I persecuted the church of God.

But by the grace of God I am what I am, and His grace toward me was not in vain; but I labored more abundantly than they all, yet not I, but the grace of God which was with me.

>> My Apostleship or duty is – this great commission – to make all obey and have faith in Christ.


Verse 7 – Lot of people in Rome but this Greetings is to all the beloved of God (loving God and being loved by God).


Verse 8 – I thank the Lord that your faith is spoken throughout the whole world –

** One reason is – that this is a big church in the capital town (Roman Empire ruled major portion of the world at that time)

** Secondly – their faith was commendable and exemplary


Verse 9 – So prayers should not be for our selfish personal needs but for the strength of the saints in Christ.

Our prayers are always witnessed by God and it is recorded in heaven.


Verse 10 – Here we can see two prayer request –

** For their steadfast faith to be continued

** His longing to see them, to travel to Rome and spent some good times with the Holy brethren


11-13 – Purpose of his visit


Verse 11 – To impart you some spiritual gift – so that you will be established

** 1 Cor 1:7,8 -   so that you come short in no gift, eagerly waiting for the revelation of our Lord Jesus Christ, who will also confirm you to the end, that you may be blameless in the day of our Lord Jesus Christ.

** 1 Cor 12:1 -  Now concerning spiritual gifts, brethren, I do not want you to be ignorant


Verse 12- Mutual encouragement – Always in a spiritual (spirit filled) ministry there is a mutual encouragement – as in 1 Thess 5:11 it says – “Encourage each other”

>> Mutual faith(in this fellowship) both for you & me, those who minister and hear are both comforted & strengthened. So it is not to give, as we give we get.


Verse 13 – why became late – Rom 15:23, there was lot of regions there, but now as he has covered all the regions around Rome, he is coming to Rome.

Why he became late – Rom 15:22,23

>> UNAWARE of -  1 Thess 4:12,13 – I do not want you to be ignorant about those – who do not have hope



Verse 14 – Debtor – when he sees them he feels he owes them something(the gospel)

bound to some duty – entrusted – Acts 28:2

Barbarians – Acts 28:2 (Malta)


Verse 15 – I am ready (my best)

Math 26:41 spirit is willing but body is weak


Verse 16- Ashamed

Warning – Mark 8:38   God ashamed

2Tim 1:8,12 don’t be ashamed

Power of God to salvation (save) for all who believes, no difference Jews or Greeks


Verse 17 – It is only revealed by faith


Verse 18- wrath of god (He cannot tolerate unrighteousness)

Jews & Greeks – Rom 3:9-20 (all are guilty)

Asebia – Not giving reverence to God

Adikia – All wrong doings

Suppress the truth (KJV-hold)


Verses 19 & 20 – Revelation of God & all invisible things revealed to us – Due 29:29

All His invisible attributes are visible in his creation and his work for us.

Still if we are not able to know who he is and what he can do -   No Excuse – Rom 1:32,   2:1,2


Verse 21-       Know god – 1 John 5:18-20

            We did not give importance to him, their mind became futile

            Foolish heart – They did not search the truth


Verse 22-   1 Cor 3:18-21          


Verse 25 -Many people seek God to gain things, it is sin.]

– served the creation than giving importance to the creator (even it is our family, job or our own self)

– Luke 14:26 don’t love anything more than jesus

Luke 9:24 – whoever loves his life loses it


Verses 26 & 28 – Because of that, God gave them over to a debased( reprobate-Nikreshta budhi) mind to do things which are not fitting.


Verses 29-31   They were given to all sin and a dark mind, GIVEN TO SATAN

            Gentile – Act 13:8,11,  Believer – search epitromas

Any temptation which we is attracting us, immediately take fasting. Don’t stand in the slippery place and say God save me. Run away from that place


Verse 32 – If you do it or approve those who do it, it is sin. 2:1, There is no excuse

Some people close their eyes, I did not see it, some people judge others and forget their wrong doings

We like good, but don’t like people who do good,

We like truth but don’t like people who speak only truth, its not matching with us, why, because sin reigns in us and we have a liking to it.





Verse 1 – You are inexcusable ifyoujudge others, find fault in yourself


Verse 2 - Lord is an impartial judge, will not favor you or the world

 We judge from outside but God – 1 Sam 16:7


Verse 4 – Know the value of Gods goodness and forbearance that is why we are not punished immediaty

Ecc 8:11 – Because no immediate punishment

2 Peter 3:9 – He is only giving us a chance to repent

Ps 50:21-23 – Don’t think that God is like man


Verse 5 – Treasuring – heapingup treasure

Sin will not get neutral or erased off as ages pass, clear your account daily

Fear sin like you fear a poisonous cobra – Run away from sin. Eg: you know snake is there in your bedroom, but I am too tired so I am going to sleep


Verse 6 – Math 16:27, Rev 22:12, Ps 62:12

Verse 7 – Who will get eternal life - Those who seek (glory, honour, immortality)

            Glory – God (seek ye first kingdom of God), Luke 14:26, Luke 9:24

            Honor – Rom 2:29 whos praise from God

            Give importance – Does God approve me. We risk or despise Gods pleasure to gain mans company, Man today praises – tomoro bad words –

            Immortality – seek the heavenly wishes (which is termite proof & rust proof)

            Eternal life – here crown and fades, designation or post goes when one greater comes. Olympics record, Lions club governor, MLA , chief minister

For everything think – will this affect my eternity


Verse 8 – Kopam(of God now), then Krodham (eternal hell fire)

Verse 9 –Kastavum & sangadavum Jews first , also to Romans, Jews – they know word.

            Good – first blessed,   if disobedience – first punishment

Verse 10- Glory honor and Peace –to all who do lords work (good work)

Verse 11-  Col3:25

Verse 12- Those who know more(more experience) will be judged more

Verse 13 – Not Hearers but doers


Verses 14, 15 – Those who have been given law will be judged by the law(OT by mosaic law, NT by the NT law), those who have not heard gospel yet will be judged by three things – law written in their heart, conscience, and their thoughts.

Ps 147:19,20 – He makes his law very clear to his children

General Revelation – (to all including gentiles) – through nature – earthquake, famine, financial turmoil, personal problem- it will be proved there is a great power is controlling all this.

Special Revelation – for us (he reveals him more)

Ps 89:34 My law I will not break it, it is complete.


Verse 16 -  Judge – Jesus Christ

Nothing is hidden to him, Bad secrets and Good secrets(what all we did for Christ and no one saw.


My Gospel – Eg: Court, You are a witness, culprit is going to be judged by your words, whether escape or judged for death, how careful & seriously should we say our witness

Not like a postman, simply giving message and running away

My Gospel – an evangelist has a great influence on the person, how we present it.


Verse 17- Jews are no special, but also under sin like all others, here said what jews thing about themselves, their specialities.

Jews (Yehudhi-Aramic/Hebrew – meaning praise or praised), they boasted on their name.

Always self praise as we sometimes do, I have done all right and I know everything, not only for Jews, for us also

Verse 19 onwards- The work he is called for

Verse 21- 23 You who are called to teach other things, do you commit the same sin.  Verse 22- Do you take what is to be given to God.

Verse 23-24 How care we should be not to dishonor God, to put down His name. We are in a battlefield, we cannot be careless.


Verse 25 onwards – Jews boasted that Circumcision or the mark of the Lord is on me

Gen 17:11 – a token/sign of covenant or agreement

Jews always said, I am circumcised, I will go to the Lord, Only I am Gods child

Col 2;10,11- not with hands but by saying TATA to SIN

Exo 32:19-29 – How Levi became priesthood – Whole people or campsinned – Moses came downwith Tablets, broke it, ground/powdered the statue – made them drink- Then an invitation – Whos on the Lords side – take sword- without looking face – brother, friend, neighbor – cut off. They got concecrated as faithfull and obedient and became the only Priesthood.

Heb 12:4 – Fight givingyourlife – MAL – till the last

Verse 16, 17 – For something(FOOD) in this world He(Esau) compromised or put his vision & birthright at the feet of another person(surrendered).

LEVI also had sin, but awakened at the voice of the Lord, and without looking at face, obeyed the Lord, became Priesthood. We also with the word of God(sword) go to our friend, neighbor & relative and make them out of sin.


Verses 26 –28 – It is not the outsid change, or who baptized or where baptized, but the change should come from the inside, how much change inside

Eg: Heard a story – A man had 2 daughters, one went to a tournament and got a trophy. She came home with that, but the other was sadbecauseshe didn’t have any. Wife asked husband, y cantyoubuy a trophy for the other girl, he went out and bought a bigger trophy. One has the sign of victory, the other one-only sign. (Isyourbaptism only a sign, areyoucoming to the presence of the Lord only to get something, some blessing.

**Due 10:16,  30:6 – circumcision of heart

**Acts 7:51  Stephen – of heart and ears

Verse 29 – Grana – literarly ,  pneuma – spirit

OT – to do it,     NT – to be it

**If change comes, he will not be praised by man, only by God, which is more important.





To jews – don’t get angry – you have some specialities ( not that nothing is there)

*You got law(oraclesfrom Jesus himself), butyoudid not obey. Does it mean God is unfaithful.

Is Satan torturing you, No praise, no joy, all ways getting closed


Verse 5 – Law you got, If you couldn’t follow it, does it mean that Law is not good.

**No, when law becomes clear, my bad part becomes more clear.

In the darkness of my unrighteousness, the light of the goodness of God becomes clear(shines out).


Verse 7 – when my unrighteousness(badness) comes out, to make the strict law clear.

**SIN is from Satan, not from God or created by God

**wherever SIN is ther, Satan will say, its MINE

One fruit gone is not the problem – But disobeyed God, Disbelieved God, did not fear His words

**When we don’t believe a person, we don’t feel like obeying (Husband – Wife)

Verses 10-18 – 7 parts taken from OT, This was a system of Rabbi to present it as a chain – Ecc 7:20, Ps14:1-3, 53:1-3, 5:9, Prov 1:16, Ps 36:1

Starts with No one who understand, ends with No fear (This is the reason for all sin)


Verse 13 – Talking can do good, also kill. Even when we are share Gods message or to a person who is doing wrong – you can revive that person or drive him away

Verse 15 - shed blood , to blame – swift, (Blaming is wrong, Satans)

Verse 16 – Only destruction & misery

Verse 19 – Jews will immediately say that it is about Gentiles, that is why it is said, what is in the law is for those under the law. All world cannot escape, but guilty before the law

LIE – Rev 22: 14,15

Rom 7:19 – The good I want to do, not able to do.


Verse 20 – By the knowledge of law, no one is justified, but it makes us understand what is right & wrong.

Lord wants us to be strong & remind the other people of their sin, that is the job of a prophet or disciple of God in OT & NT, we are all royal priesthood, give them the waters of life, don’t blame them….


Verse 21 – onwards the Gospel – the way to escape is mentioned. See how Paul is making them understand step by step, that is how Gospel should be presented – Acts 18:4, 19:8, 18:28, 28:23, All the first century saints did it in this way, this was the pattern at that time.

Unreached – People say, but just go there and meet them, they are still unreached, should explain to them till they understand. This Evangelism or gospel work.

When the whole world, guilty of sin and ashamed putting head down, that is when an Evangelist  boldly open his mouth with the remedy, we should be worthy & prepared for it.

**2 Cor 6:2 – Now acceptable time – we are also luckybecausenow Gods ways are so clear, not in OT, not in the past 1900 years. This time so clear.

Witnessed by Law & prophets(2 witness), tried & tested


Verse 22 – No one is special, not even Mary – Luke 1:47,48,  11:27,28

Righteousness of God(His goodness, character and His good work in our life, only to those who believe.

Beating to the Disobedient – Due 25:1,2( No more, no less, beating according to the wickedness

Prov 17:15 – Those who justify the wicked – beating(should not favor people doing wrong)

Ish 5:23 – Justify for money (funeral function)


Verse 24 – Freely but thru His grace & faith


Verse 27 – Why boasting, all the grace is of my Lord, many courts & many rounds he was tried , but faultless, he was punished for our sins.


Verse 31 – Not to cancel the law - All the law is for strengthening us Gal 3:23,24 – as a Tutor (school





Verse 1 – Taking Abraham & David by examples to prove that even they will only be justified by faith, not by works.becausethey respected them as their fathers. They believed that if they were a jew or circumcised, even if they did anything wrong, they will be taken to the lap or seat of Abraham(heaven). That is why in Jesus geneology, Math 1: 1, son of Abraham and David., ie y Paul took them as examples.


Paul is speaking to the church at Rome(majority – gentiles)still saying – Our Father,becausewhen we become in Christ we are under his geneology. To the Corinthians, all from gentiles & idol worshipers(written in the book), Our Fathers – 1Cor 10:1, proving that there is no difference between jew & gentiles


Verse 3 – From OT - Gen 15:6 – Count the stars, like thatyourdescendants,

If he didn’t no righteousness,

NT – spiritual promises – heir of all things, his wealth & His bride


Verses 4&5 – How much you work – debt, but faith – accounts for righteousness

But not only faith inside, it should be balanced with our works which proves our faith – James 2:17-26


Verse 6 – David also says the same thing


Verses 7&8 – OT- Ps 32:1,2 – Blessed are only those who sins are washed thru Christ.


Verses 9-12 – god is one, the same God to all, He does not categorise us into different groups  and deal differently.

9, 10 – Paul was telling them, don’t boast too much about Abraham, He was  circumcised



























Verse 21- He is able to bring to pass from nothing,   And the one who has promised, He will fulfill.

Verse 23 & 24- Not for Him, but for us also.





Chapt 5 & 6 – Gods children untied together with him as one


What the justified people get

1 – We have peace with him (v1)

2 – We stand in his grace thru faith (v2)

3 – We rejoice in the glory of God (v2)

4 – We glory (rejoice) in tribulation (v3)

5 – We will be reconciled & be saved by Christ (v9,10)

6 – We rejoice in God thru Jesus Christ (v11)


Verse 1 – (Eph 2:14 – He is our peace) Whatever happens in our life, to stay silent among all these, that is peace.

John 14:27 – My peace I give unto you – When hail & storm in bat, peacefully sleeping(seems like almost destroyed)

Philip 1:21 – Paul says, For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain


Verse 2- Grace in which we stand


Verse 3 times Rejoice(glory or proud – happy for this position). Only when we have peace, we can rejoice.

1 John 3:1 – Behold what manner of Love

Verse 2- When he is revealed, we shall be like him


Verse 4 – All these experiences are to change our character, Jesus also with suffering received the hope & glory

Prov 3:12, Ps 119:67, 1Peter 1:7, Job 2:10

Only when suffering is there, we have endurance, otherwise what to endure (Eg: only when food is there we can eat)


Character (Org – Tempered) like Tempered steel, a tempered character – PIOUS – for us – any small thing, immediately fighting, When we have suffering & tempered character, we will have more hope about heaven


Verse 6 – Correct time to deliver us


Verse 8 – Gods love – H.S makes us understand the depth of this love, makes us to love Lord more.


Verse 10 – When we were enemies, all what made us enemies to God (reconciled by his life)

Usually enemity versus enemity, but here God solves it


Some people can continue with enemity, but Lord makes things clear, sometimes thru punishment,  2Cor 5:18-20 He has given us word of Revelation


Verse 11 – Now we rejoice in God, because of Reconcilation(Nirapu). We had a change, more change, more clear with God. Otherwise God would come and punish all of us(his enemies). But now we are changing, so don’t delayyourchange.

If really the word of God is important for you, the change will be there inyourlife. But in Christians many are not born of him or the real seed(Bastards), they will always be enemies. He was angry, we were away, but now reconciled

**Again third time, rejoice in God – Rejoice always, very humble, when people make us small, that is our calling

Luke 19:3 – I sendyouas lambs among wolves

Titus 2:14 – zealous of good works


12- 15   Paul is presenting 2 groups – Sinners thru adam, saved people thru Jesus


Verse 12 – Sin spread to all, death spread to all.  If you are delivered from sin, you have have no fear of death

Why Adams disobedience became sin, God specifically told not to eat of that tree in the midst of the garden( To us God has given specific law + holyspirit)


Verses 13, 14 – From Adam to Moses, no law was given still death was there, so there is already sin in us thru Adam, by birth( every Gandhian is also a sinner)

Some people ask , how by one mans death whole world can be saved, Here reply.

He is the first creation before Adam, even Adam is a clone copy of his – Col 1: 15 – firstborn.

Verses 15-  17 – After Moses things were not the same, As law came sins also increased, multiplied, all these sins were made clean thru one man.

**1Cor 15:22 – through Christ, not thru any church or family, many teach thru this church

**Those in Adam have adamic character, just like those in Christ have Christ character


Verses 18-19 – Repeated again

Verse 20 – Where sin abounds, grace abounds much more

Verse 21 – Before death reigned but now Grace reigns





Verse 1 – It is CONT here – Shall he continue in sinbecausegrace abounds(Don’t take advantage of His Grace)

Eg:these days Cars have airbag, bumber, side impact bars etc, Is there anyone who says my car has all safety measures, so lets me go and crash, if a person says so, he is surely Mad.


Verse 2 – Certainly not – also this question in Verse 15

1John 3:9 – born of God, will not sin, will not continue or enjoy in sin

Eg: When a Goat or a Cat gets wet or some mud on it, till its completely clean will lick and clean itself, with a groan but a Pig – even it is given a bath, and applied, when it sees a muddy hole, will go again to roll in the filth and enjoy it.

**Bro, sis if by any caseyoujump into sin, don’t think no more prayers & bible class. Ifyouask grace, God will give abundantly so thatyouwill get back the confidence to call abba father and Don’t Repeat.


Verse 3 – Joined into his death, Gal 2:20, now not me, it is Christ who lives in me, John 15-True wine, verse 17 – Math 28:19 – teach them & make disciples, not to get blessings.

In bible before baptism – teaching, then faith


Verse 4 – Newness after we are first buried, then raised

1Sam 10:6, 2Cor 5:17, Verse 23 – wages of sin is death, so we have to be buried,  Mark 16:16 – believe


Verse 5 – If we need to resurrect, we need to join in his death (baptism), Likeness – becoming like Him – always compared with Jesus


Verses 7 & 8 – Those who have died like that, is freed from sin

Verse 9 – When we are baptized (really) then we will not die.

Some people ask – the thief on the cross, if he goes then I will also go,

Ans – It is after Jesus died the law of baptism was given, baptism is joining in his death, burial and resurrection, so that law only can be given after His resurrection.


Verse 10 – He was sacrificed once (orikelayitt), No need of anyone repeating the sacrifice(dukhavelli – 40 days), only way to eternal life.

Heb 7:27 – once a sacrifice

Rev 2:8 – was dead, but now living for ever


Verse 11 – dead to sin, alive to God thru Christ

**Both these are equally important in a Christian life, its an ongoing process

DEAD - If totally dead to sin, body will not react, otherwise when opportunity comes, body will sin

In verse 8 – if we die, we live with him.

2Cor 5:17 – if a person is in Christ he is a new creation

Dead in all worldly things – James 4:4, Rom 8:7

ALIVE – Power of resurrection is upon us

Rom 6:4 – newness of life thru the spirit and the word of God

The more we are sanctified, the more we have life


Verse 13 – Your organs should be submitted to God for righteousness, We usually submit to lord as total, but here each organ & senses – thinking, sight, hearing, should be sanctified, dedicated & separated for the Lord.


Verse 14 – It is not that we are not able to sin, but we are made able not to sin. We are made strong – 1 John 3:9 –youcannot sin.


Verse 15 – We are under his grace( His grace is sufficient for us, Even not to SIN)

Law always tells don’t, never, but under the grace package, there is changing, deliverance, victory, providence, all needed support & comforting. We are enjoying the change in our life


Verse 16 – Don’t you know – About slaves Romans clearly know the rules about slaves, many type of slaves, but here Volantary slaves, whether to Sin(death) or to Obedience (Not God but opposite to disobedience or rebellion)

-Math 6:24 – You cannot serve 2 masters,youhave 2 deny one

-Every man is a servant to either one of this.

Eg : When we hire a person to look after our business, shop or agriculture, will we hire a person who is addicted to drinking or drugs, He will not obey, not on his senses.

-Dear bro & sis, areyouready to obey God, he will accept u. Dot forget thatyour a Doulos(Slave)-a bonded slave

-Let us submit, nothing else is great but eternity(greatest), so complete obedience is needed. Let us start obeying, don’t think of past. Anytime, Lords trumpet, organ by organ, I submit.

James 2: 14 – Your faith should have works, Not only faith, but you should have an outcome too the Lords kingdom – Baptism, anointment, divine healing, separation, evangelism etc

Gal 3:27 – In baptism, put on Christ


Verse 17 – You cannot be slaves of sin, but of Christ, full of obedience

Math 11: 29, 30 – All those full of burden, come to me, take my yoke & learn from me ( When we work for the Lord, he will giveyoupeace, joy & providence)

-Every man is a slave of something (politics, money, fame, sinful lust) some are slaves to self, ego

-Word of God says – Your member(organ) by member, for the Lord


Verse 18 – Ifyouneed to be a servant of righteousness, you need to learn, you need to be taught (bible classes)

Math 7:28, 29 – He taught with authority

-He always taught in synagogues, houses, simons boat, on streets(Luke 13:26)

Acts 14:19,21 – Paul dragged as a dead man, disciples stood around him, prayed for him, he raised up, alongwith that team taught the word of God

Acts 20:20 – Like me, I taught publicly from house to house

Titus 1:9 – You should teach and convince them against the new & prosperity theologies


Verse 19 – When we submit ourselves, automatically we have holiness in our lives

-He is asking our time, life, and labor, after giving His life to us

Exo 20:8 – Blessing & mercy to those who love me and keep my commandments(Not by fear or compulsion or for our benefit)

-Holiness – 1Cor 3:17- Temple of God(we) should be holy

2Tim 1:8 – Called us to be Holy, before the world began

-When we hear the word of god, we are understanding the plan of God for us, then preparing & being holy, that is y satan will not allow us to hear the Word.


Verse 20 – When we were sinners, we were not concerned about holiness or Gods plan, simply gather.

-Bible says One can only have 1 master, either accept one & leave the other

-Like a contract labor, Monday – Saturday slave to different things, finally Sunday slave to the Lord


Verse 21 – At that time what fruityouhad, if continued it would have been death, you should hate sin and old life, not speak or think of it again. Sometimes people think of their old life without restriction, as wonderful. Even the Isrealites thought of their old life(onions, meat pots), they forgot about the wiping & that they were slaves


Verse 22 – But now you have fruits & finally everlasting life – now under this master –great joy


Verse 23 – sin – wages – death (really what we deserve), but God gives us his gift(which we don’t deserve)

No one can boast, this is a gift, so be thankful, not on your merits, but by his grace(Eph 2:8)





Verse 1 – Here it talks about a freedom from law,

 Earlier chapters said about law –

Chapt2 -By Law no one is Justified

Chap 3:20 – Law only brings knowledge of sins

-Promises of righteousness and blessings to Abraham(father of circumcision) was not circumcised when he received law law from the Lord, was not by law, but by Faith (Rom 4:12-16)

-Verse 15 – Law only brings wrath and more sin (In Law – always Do Not) Rom 5:20

-Rom 6:14, 15 – Law makesyouslaves and under sin


Don’t be confused – It does not mean that Law is Bad, but in Law the spirituality was in the limits of its boundaries and by works which is shown outside

-Paul is explaining it in relation with his life.

In Philip 3:6-Blameless(perfect) according to Law

-Even after following all this Paul became a murderer(Stephen & the church) and an enemy of God. When He met Christ on the way to Damascus, that made him free from Law and a new life with Christ


Verse 1- 6 – Here in comparison with a Husband & wife realtion (it is an agreement valid till one of them dies)

-Jesus who came under law, he was circumcised the 8th day, preached in synagogues (In the last when they tried him in Jewsih council, he had no sin, so perfect under law). According to OT, for redemption of sins, blodd had to be shed, so he became the sacrifice for the whole worls and declared – It is finished – John 19:30


After the agreement is over, then we are not liable to its laws. This is how we came out of this law,becauseby sacrifice of Jesus, the period of law is finished.

-Law is finished, Christ died, and we died thru Christ, now the law does not have power over us.

-Christ resurrected, we got a new life in Christ, now not under the Lordship of law, but Jesus is our Lord, now free from law and bonded with Christ.


Verse 4 – If we really become dead in Christ, none of the old curses, bondages or star signs have authority over us (Jesus paid the whole price and bought me completely  then how can other person come and claim authority over us.

So that we bear fruit for Christ, he chose us


Verse 5 – when under law, sin passion

-Now new husband – Jesus

Now quality products like us – let it come out – fruits


Verse 6 – Both are not possible, either servant of law or servant of God

Law – oldness of letters

Thru Jesus – newness of spirit

-2cor 3: 6, 7 – Letter kills

Sinai – Law given – when came down – sin – he broke the tablets – made them drink – asked who is on Gods side – take sword & kill – that day 3000 were killed

-One ministry of letter (it kills) & the new and last ministry of spirit (gives life)., OT on stone tablets, NT written on the walls ofyourheart. (2 Cor 3 : 3)

-Not by fear, Not pushed into it(Eg: King-swim the crocodile pond to get my daughter – I want to know who pushed me into the water) – but by Love (thru the spirit will lead us to glory)

-Now no veil – 2 Cor 3:14, nowyourlaw is made clear thru spirit.


Verse 9 – Accoordin to Jewish tradition – BARMITWA(son of law), when they are 12 or 13 they have to go to the Jerusalem temple or any nearby synagogue. Priest will ask them many questions(from the 10 commandments & other law), when they answer those, they will get this honor(it is there in youtube), that is why Jesus went to Jerusalem temple at 12(got lost there), from there on he can read law publickly, will be accepted in any jewish gathering, then onwards he should stay away from sin) that is why Paul says, then onwards I started doing wrong. Till that time it was not counted.


Verse 10 – so commandment lead me to death

Verse 11 – same

Verse 12 – Law is really true and holy

Verse 13 – So is not this Law which lead me to death but sin

Due 8:2 – To know what was inyourheart, God allowed ( why God does not know – He knows – To makeyouknow) this was made possible by law


Verse 14 – Law has no problem (it is spiritual), but I am carnal ( sold under sin – Now sin is ruling me)

Verses 15 & 16 – I don’t know what I am doing, sin is controlling me.

Verse 17 – Now a carnal christian – 1 Cor 2: 14 -3:4 (Worldly, carnal & spiritual)


Verse 18 – Not able to be spiritual

Philip 3: 12 – 14 ( Verse 15)

-Never feel thatyouhave reached somewhere, that is what makes us fall many times

-Trust on the holy spirit, never trust thatyoucan do

Verse 19 – same what is said in verse 15


Verse 22 – I enjoy word of God, But..

Verse 23 – But another law or power( in my organs) controlling me, many a times.

Verse 24 – I was a wretched man until I found a new master

Verse 25 – If by wisdom of God – serve God

        If by flesh – in sin

        With the mind or budhi (it is not theological wisdom Bth or BD, but the wisdom and counsel of Lord thru His spirit ( I know many people –Saju – full wisdom- presenting language -  but when God deals -  take against him and doubt him).





Verse 1 – Now – period of Grace,   condemnation - punishment

Hear it says that we will all be judged – no exemption – Rom14: 10,12,  2Cor 5:10

Jer 23 : 29 – Thru word he changes us – first fire then he hammers us

**Which (who) are in Christ – more tha 100 times Paul has used this usage. When jesus looks at us, not as Adms sonm but like one of him (born of him)


Verse 2 – law of sin – law of life,  when law makes slaves, another law sets free

When new law came, we are freed from the old law, a law not of blaming but of encouraging & strengthening

Verse 3 – Here in the same verse( God send, so he took the initiative to reveal him before we went to him. Whenever we don’t come to his presence also, he is ready waiting for me.

**God send – so he was already thee (ready)

**In the likeness of sinful flesh – only likeness, he was not born as a sinner, that’s y he could redeem us (2Cor 5:21)


Verse 4 – By obedience(Born again, baptism, NT law), Then completely guided forward by his spirit(not ours)


Verse 5 – Worldly (fleshy) Christians will think more about worldly  things, examine ourselves, what is always ruling our mind


Verse 6 – Mind – your desires, prayers, everything, we should compare it with eternity.

Eg: we should think this job, relationship, where I stay, where I go – will it affect my eternity

Col 3: 1, 2 – setyoureyes and mind on things above


Verse 7 –opposite ( Carnal-worldly X spiritual law), Thu this new law we have freedom

**Perfect law of liberty – James 1:25( we have freedom whether to accept or not)

**otherwise enemity – we should be serious

**When we give too much importance to anything, satan will use that to pullyouaway, But whenyougive it to the Lord (wife, children, parents)  you have victory


Verse 8 – those who are in flesh (controlled by the body – own plans)cannot please God


Verses 9&10 – Ifyour not completely(100%) guided by the holy spirit, you are not his.

**Father, Son & Holy spirit dwells in us – John14: 16, 17, 23

**If a Jew hears, he will be shocked, They were very proud of the Jerusalem temple, where the Shekinah or Gods glory always dwells, same status has been given to each of us.

10 – When Jesus is in us – the flesh is dead, then the spirit is living and gives us the guidance to life.


Verse 11- The greatness of the power of the spirit within us(life giving)- changes our status from dead to living & powerful. The spirit of God (the same spirit  which resurrected Jesus from the dead) dwells in us – that spirit (with the power of resurrection) will give life to our mortal bodies.


Verse 12- We are debtors (our liability) to the spirit, not to our flesh (body)


Verse 13- (2 choices) – spirit will not force you, you have to follow its guidance, spirit will encourage you in all ways (to deaden the works of flesh) If you follow flesh, you die ( cannot be servants of 2 masters)

**ye shall live – should be seen in all the areas

**world will ask-what life is this-10 meetings in a week, not much entertainment or enjoying the world, but only we are the ones who live and have life in us.


Verse 14- Only those who are led by the spirit are Gods children, we need to surrender

Luke 4:1- Led Jesus to the wilderness


Verse 15- Again to fear- means before also fear was there in our life, he is the father of liars (John 8:44)

**Not a spirit of slavery, but of freedom, Even our old bondage or of law, both made us to fear

**Don’t do Lords work and take decision by fear, here it is a relationship of love, not from one terror to another     

**ABBA(aramic) closeness, then again the Greek of Father. (Confidence in that calling, being specific that its my father), only own children can

Eg: other children, how loving wont get share, only those who are born of him(born again)

**That is why no OT saints could not call him Abba or Father, Abraham called God, Issac called God of Abraham, Jacob called God of Abraham and Issac, from then on Jews called God of Abr, Iss & Jacob., then The Holy One & The Lord of Host. But ion NT for the first time in Math 6:9, his children are taught to call God “Our Father in Heaven”,

**Only Jesus could call – gethsamena prayer – Mark 14:36, he has given that same right to us, See John 1:12.

**So when we praise God, don’t yawn and call or sit in his presence without fear, give him all the worthy Reverence (Heb 12:28)

**Cry – Joyous calling like a small child

The spirit of bondage is broken, now we have a new spirit, i.e. “the spirit of adoption”.

Romans 8:15 “... but you have received the Spirit of adoption”.

*Adopted Son – Same right as Born Son

*Jesus – Son by nature – (I – son by Grace)

*Now we can cry ABBA father – Cry of a Baby – knowing nothing, fully trusting, fully Loving & Full confidence

**Spirit of Adoption – We know if a child is adopted, no old name or old family has any power or relationship on him. Also he has all authority in the new family, full authority, everything is his own, here king of king has adopted us.


Verse 16- Spirit to spirit relationship- eternal, all others perisheth


Verse 17- First he was the only begotten son, now in Col 1:18, he is the firstborn (Verse 29), why, we are the rest (who are adopted)

**Joint heirs 50:50 (loss/profit, joy /suffering)

** then only glorified together – its not borin in heaven, it’s a glorious movement

**Suffering is the way to being glorified, Now suffering but at that time great glory

2 Cor 4:17 – light affliction for a moment

Verse 18- Cannot be compared – very little in front of the great glory for countless years

** For I reckon or consider – Means I am sure


Verse 19-  Earnest expectation – Greek(anxious looking with outstretched body-Phil 3:20)

**Now food chain and ecological balance completely disturbed the day when man sinned – now enmity between creation – First Gen1:29-man was made to live on fruits, then after man sinned from Gen 3:18-man had to eat plant and herbs, then after the flood  from Gen 9:3, man started eating every living thing, now one creation eating another.


Verse 20- Not willingly, but by the creator, the production and output is blocked (as man sinned whole nature became in trouble)


Verse 21- Glorious liberty – 1Cor 2:9 – Eye has not seen , also in Rev

Verse 22- when Jesus comes only, we will all get freedom (to give full fruit and production, a time without curse & diseases)

**Like a women in Labor pain(birth pangs) the whole earth is waiting for a deliverance (In millennium-Is 11:6, , 65:25, In eternity much better)


Verse 23- Man after receiving the first fruits of spirit, preparing us for the fullness.

Verse 24- not for material things(what we see),Not for this change(whatever worldly) but for a change going to come, a salvation going to be completed(Philip 2:12)


Verse 25- All creation waiting for a redemption (But sometimes we are satisfied with what little we got here)


Verse 26 – Spirit helps in weakness (physical , mental & spiritual)

** Our spirit also groans inside, we do not know what to pray, so holy spirit related with God, prays & intercedes inside and gives us the change outside (Pray, speak and take decisions in the spirit)

**If we pray & speak, we always speak for ourselves,becausewe are selfish, we think we know.

**In Heb 7:25 we see Jesus intercedes for us, here Holy spirit intercedes for us

Verse 27- Through the spirit my Lord searches all of our hearts, nothing is hidden, everything is accountable

2Chron 16:9- The eyes of the Lord goes to & from all the earth


Verse 28- When we go thru great problems, this verse is a great cool and strengthening promise of God.

**All things work together- when we look at one issue in our life, we wont understand what is good in it, but when all the moves and work of the Lord is done, we can proclaim this verse – Everything was for my good.

Eg: when a cookie or cake is made, each ingredient not desirable, but when everything is mixed and baked at great temperature, the smell & the goodnes, its now that others also desire this goodness seeing our life, to be like us.

**so all the problems, isolation, things going out of our plan etc, works together for good, Only what God allows comes

*to all those who love him(with all heart, body & soul)

*to all those who are pre-destined

**Gen 50:20 – Joseph is saying-all that came into my life – empty well, sold as slave(most beloved and pampered by his father), journey thru desrt, Potiphers house(11years), jail(2years) is for my good. Lord looked if he was faithful in all the test, then Lord made it GOOD for him – faithfulness


Verse 29 – Conformed – Phil 3:21

Verse 30-Those foreknew, pre-destined, called, justified, then glorified

**Pre-destination – Eph 1:5,11

It is not tha God has ordained some people to go to heaven and some to hell, NO, but by his eternal and great wisdom he knows who will go & who wont

God is not forcing anyone to go to hell(rev 22:17)

He want every man to be saved – 1 Tim 2:4, 2Peter 3:9


Verse 31- It is sure- what sahall we say then

**No one will be against us, but we can be against God by loving this world(James 4:4)

**2Cor 11:2-4 – moving away from the concentration of Christ, these days he is not at all tolerating, time is very near.


Verse 34 – Only he can judge (Judge and Time is already appointed) – The Intercessor

Verse 35 – No one can separate me(7 things here)

Peril-Sword – Luke 9:23 – Daily take his cross

Verse 36 – Persecution – when we get a chance to suffer, count it as a great honor (Eph chap 3 & 4, verses1)

Verse 37 – More than conquerors(not only victors)In greek its says hyper(super) conquerors


Verse 38- Good thing cannot persuade me, bad cannot move me, Persuaded (100% sure or convinced)

**Powers & principalities- (all spheres of Satan including Astrology(star signs) – now in every news paper

Lots of christians believes in that, satan does it , to fear them, the predictions sometimes comes true, so that all fear him, But Paul says I will not be moved- Job 42:2

Verse 39 – I will not be separated





Verses 1,2 -  starts with his personal grievience, about the deliverance of Isreal, the real pain Paul has(the pain one should have about those who are not able to come to the Lord and grow in the Lord). All what Paul is saying, Holy spirit is witnessing and acknowledgingbecausehe is not telling anything of his own.

**In this chapt lots of OT references have been quoted so that the jews there will believe and change.


Verse 3 – Cursed – 1 Cor 16:22 – If any one love not the Lord, he is anathema(KJV & other languages), Maranatha (o lord come soon)


Verse 4 – The qualification & worthiness of Jews(when a very great person has a tragic end(eg:gaddafi), that’s when people say- Oh Pity)

*Isreal- Gods people & children-ex 4:22,23, *Adopted as Firstborn, *Glory-always with Isreal only(shekinah), *Covenants-perosnal, *Law- Due 4:5,6, Ps147:19,20, *Service(gatherings)-For them fastings, offering(prayers), songs all had to be in format and together at special times only, but for us – Heb10:25-As the day approaches let gatherings increase., *Promises-in OT it was only for Isreal and it was all material, but for us God had told Ps 62:10-set notyourheart upon riches.


Verse 5 – Fathers also theirs, Jesu also was born among them, but Paul immediately corrects by saying he is not a jew but eternal God.


Verse 6- It is not Gods or words problem, they are all not born of God, those who call themselves Isreal(Christians), (In Rom chapt2-Jew who is ourwardly jew is not jew, but inside)

Verse 7 – Gen 21:12,yourseed will only come thru Issac(Gods pre-selection), (Ismael also Abrahams son)

Verse 8 – Issac might have had other wives(like Jacob-leah, Rachel, Leah and their maids), but God told them, thru Rebeccah

Verse 11 – before the boys were born or started doing evil, god selected Jacob, the younger one.

Verse 12 – Gen 25:23

Verse 13 – Malachi 1:2,3

Verse 14 – Pre-selection (not that God shows partiality)

Verse 15 – Exo 33:19


Verse 16 – Not by our own will, our works, but his mecry

God has his own perfect reasons(math 20-master hiring people to work on his vineyard-at 5 diff times)

**Never say because I loved Jesus, or as if he ows you for generations for being Christians, If we really should get what we were worthy for, we would all have got death penaltybecauseRom6:23- wages of sin is death.

**We know many people who didn’t do good works, or against the lord, but blessed, and those who really worked hard and faithfull but there lifes were not comfortable in this world, Its completely masters choice and discretion.


Verse 17- taken from Exo 9:16 - Sometimes God works thru pharohs, gentile kings, to show who he is(but that’s when his children are not faithful, he has reasons for his works)


Verse 18 – some good peoples heart God hardens, so that they go to destruction, on the other side some rebellious and unfaithful(me) people’s heart god melts so that they change to the plan of God, not because he is partial, but he knows who will be faithful at the end and what our intentions are.


Verses 20 & 21 – He is the potter(deep meaning), he has full authority what to do in whose life, no mistakes will happen to himbecausehe is God, and he is a righteous God who has a solid reason for everything.


Verse 22 -  God wanting to show

Verse 23 – That he might make known – He is a responsible God, He will not do things how you want

Who Cares – HE Cares, that’s why He shows his wrath & His mercy.

** We were vessels of wrath, but he counted us as vessels of mercy

But we have the freedom to chose (whether wrath of God or Mercy should be upon us.)

**He has given us his son as sacrifice, then Holy Spirit in our heart to teach and help us, then the printed Law,

Still if we cant believe or obey him ???


Verse 25 – Hosea 2:23

Verse 26 – Hosea 1:10 (Also explain Hosea………………+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++


Verse 27 & 28 – Isaiah 10:22,23 - Whole Israel (like Christians) is called Gods children, but only his remnant shall be saved.

*Rom 11:5 (Remnant according to the election of grace) – the very minority(sheship) who are faithful

**In Rev God says – he that hath an ear, let him hear, his chosen special(peculiar) people

**1Kings 19:18 – 700 reserved for me - Out of the millions of people(isreal or Christians), lord has reserved his chosen treasure.


Verse 29 – Ish 1:9 – Unless Jesus(the living seed) was given for us, we would have been like Sodom & gommorah (wrath of Lord upon us) – ashamed in front of the world and for everyone to say.


Verse 30 & 31 – Those who did not follow , we got it. But those who followed did not get it.

Verse 32 & 33 – They did not seek by faith, but only the works of the law, so they fell on that stumbling block ( that cross was a shame for them, they rejected Messiah)

*They expected a political Messiah (like a super ruler), they thought he would come and save them from the romans like a hero, and destroy them. Even disciples in between asked, willyougive back our land in this time.

*Jews couldn’t acceptbecauseJesus was born in an ordinary family (and not in a palace, as a king), talking and teaching against their customs and traditions, teaching something New, finally given to the jews custody, dyeing a cursed death on cross (it is clearly written in prophecies, but they didn’t search, Sometimes we also do this)

*Walking to Emmaus, Jesus spoke & explained from the book of Isaiah and ccal – Foolish, why don’tyouunderstand(Sometimes we also don’t read or accept what is hard for us to follow, we deny it or misinterpret it acting as if we didnt understand) but it becomes a stumbling block for us. They could not accept a crucified Messiah, they were the losers.

*Rom 10:11 – Whoever believes in him will not be put to shame – Why cant we believe the person who gave his life for us.

**More than the miracles he did in our life, let us love him for the sacrificed death on the cross, died instead of me.

**Many a times we expect a Miraculous Jesus who always does miracles in front of our enemies. But when Lord allows us to be ashamed, in tribulation and problems, then it becomes a stumbling block - I did not expect this Jesus.

**We forgot about the mystery of this gospel and the depth of the love of Jesus – We are called to directly believe him.





Verse 1- About Jews, prayer from my heart that they be saved.


Verse2 – They have zeal but not according to the bible

*Look at Pauls old zeal – Acts 26:10,11

*Sometimes great zeal but not based on the work of God will make us arrogant, to sin and to work against Lord.


Verse 3 – They were only thinking about their Law & tradition only, they did not want to change as the Lord wanted them to.

*Ish 64:6 – Our righteousness(good works) is as filthy rags

*We think we are doing a lot of good, so heaven for sure, that’s is false, (bible says our works will be passed thru the heavenly fire, if anything exist on the other side like silver or gold, we will be honoured.

* Jews also compared themselves with other gentiles(like the Pharisees prayer) but not with the Lords expectation.


Verse4 – Christ is the last of the law

Now its only by belief and trust – For all

Verse5 – Levi 18:5 – If a man does my statutes, he shall live by them

*Due 2727:26 – Curse is he who does not do all the word in law

*Ps 119:130 – The entrance ofyourwords

*John 20:31 – by believing you will have Life thru his name

*Gal 2:20 – I don’t liv, Christ lives in me


Verse5 - Heb 10:38 – If any one turns back, no pleasure in him.


Verse 6&7 – From Duetron30:12,13

To the Jews Paul is speaking about Faith, you don’t need to go to heaven or down to the deep to get it or believe in Christ


Verse 8 – Its there right in your heart andyourmind, (Due 30:12-14) The word in OT, Paul says its Christ (John 1:1)


Verse 9 – To be born again, same thing we are preaching what Moses said, Word inyourheart(believe) and inyourmouth(confession). No need to go to heaven (coz when 2 or 3 gather I will be amidst you), or to Sheolbecausehe resurrected, his soul is not resting there. He is now dwelling in our hearts so only one thing to do, accept Lord with allyourheart


Verse 10 – Its not salvation by just saying one line, But the change should come inside (salvation) and outside in confession and character(righteousness)


Verse 11 – From Ish 28:16, also mentioned in Rom 9:33(b)

Ps 119:6 – Everywhereyouwill not be put to shame, even alone or isolated


Verse 12 – Without any difference – no one shall be ashamed

*from his Richness – there is no waiting list, salvation is always available,

To all those who call upon his name, Jews why areyoubeing jealous

**Ish 1:18 – Come even if our sins are red as scarlet, he will make it white as snow


Verse 13 – From Joel 2:32 (also in Peters 1st message but again doubt for him when Lord told him to go to Cornelious house


Verse 14 – Without believing how can they get salvation, without a preacher how can they hear


Verse 15 – Both these verses, the importance of Evangelism

It from Ish 52:7, Nahum 1:15

*In a gathering, convention, if gospel is not preached, how bad it is

**In many epistles, Paul and Timothy, even though they are apostles, they are proud to say that they are Evangelist. In all calling, evangelism is there.

**All Disciples, Lords called them from fisherman and said to them I will make you fishers of man

**In Acts we see that they are sending people from their gathering to preach the gospel (Eg:Stephen etc)

**Feet – also their walkings, doings, when many spoil the name of the Lord, let us be examplery.

A servant of the Lord once said, “Your walk talks better thanyourtalk talks”


Verse 16 – from Ish 53:1


Verse 17 – Faith only comes by hearing, and that too hearing the word of God

**When we share the word with others, let us not talk a lot of philosophies or theologies but a lot of verses from the Bible, that’s when Satan gets ashamed(that’s how Jesus made Satan ashamed)


Verse 18. - Psalms 19:4,   The word of God they heard but didn't accept


Verse 19 - Due 32:21

Thru Moses Lord said before itself that Ifyouwon't listen I will bring from other nation, which will makeyoujealous. Now when Jews are looking, thousands of other people who were not Gods own(from gentiles) are now flooding into the presence of the Lord


Verse 20. - Ish 65:1


Verse 21 - Ish 65:2

To a disobedient and contrary (people who talk back and rebel)





Even though it is written to the Isrealites, there is a great message for us

Verse 1 - Did God forsake Isreal - NO - I am also an Isrealite


Verse2 - God has not forsaken whole Isreal whom he foreknew


Verse 3 - When Elijah said, I am the only one - 1Kings 19:10,14


Verse 4-   1Kings 19:18 - 7000 I have reserved for me

God clearly knows all our intention - We have come to the Lord for what purpose - who all will give their whole life and stand strong - who will stay nuetral - those who have come for material blessings.

Verse 5- alsi in Rom 9:27, Like it was inElijah's days, a remnant elected by His grace will be seperated


Verse 6- If it is by grace, we ought to obey it at the right time when He speaks,  Not when we like (Late obediance is useless)


Verse 7 - Because of that Isreal did not receive, the ELECT received it.


Verse 8 - Due 29:4(thru Moses),  Isaiah29:10(Prophets) - Stupor - Deep Sleep

**Rom 1:28 - Rebrobate debased(out of the real shape) mind (1Cor- to destruction)

**That is why when we share the Word to some people, they are NUMB, they have no fear, that is a very serious matter.

*For Diabetic people, they don't even know even if ants are biting or eating their affected part

*For some diseases Blood doesn't Clot, very dangerous

**Pray that let Me be sensitive to the Word always.


Verse 9&10 - Ps 69:22,23 - David says


Verse 11- To provoke them, God chose us (To accept us God allowed them to fall

So each time one person is falling or going out of track, God is chosing an other person (Just like when govt. employes strive, a parellel private force is chosen by the state government to make the permanent govt. employes ashamed and not worthy for salaray or pension.

So be careful.


Verse 13 - As I am an apostle to Gentiles, I am proud of this area as it will create a healthy competition between (Jews or traditional christians) and among (gentiles)


Verse 14 – My people, when I make them jealous, let some of them come to the Lord atleast like that


Verse 15 – Their casting away – became a chance for gentiles

Their reconciling will also be a great event

(Study this verse along with Revelation chapter 16)


Verse 17 – 24 – It’s a warning – Don’t boast, if they who were once the branches of the Olive tree were cut off, you (who have come from outside) also can be cut off (how fearfully and obedient we should be)


Verse 18 - Remember that it is not by your support you stand, but by the grace of God(Lords support)


Verse 20 - So don't be haughty but fearful


Verse 22 – Always a condition for eternal life – John 6:27

No partiality, all are same – Rom 2:11


Verse 25 - Wild olive by nature - bitter, no owner, how we want we can live, no discipline, grow wherever and however, but Master came, cut us, did not throw away to be dry, but grafted us to the already cut area(the isreal cut away) and grafted us, now we live by the sap(life from heaven) from the main tree or true wine. The real branch was cut, and we are accepted into his glorious body, so how fearful and thankful we should be.

*Until the fulness of  gentiles time has come(grace period), till Lords silent coming, the jews have no chance as a nation


Verse 26 - From Ish 59:20,21


Verses 28 & 29 - God does not regret that he has chosen Isreal, he has a purpose for everyrthing, his plans are always perfect


Verses 30 & 31 - Just like you, this mercy might be on them also, so let them put their works down and trust in Lords grace


Verse 32 - This fall and mercy was all in the plan of the Lord


Verse 33-36 - How deep and unsearchable are his thoughts & knowledge (how incapable and little we are)


Verse 33 - It is important to know who our Lord is, If satan would have really known his greatness and character, he would not have tried this game, which led him to this great loss

**To know the depth of his love

**OH! - the exitement

**The wisdom & knowledge of God-his plans about us

Ish 55:8,9 - Calling - processing - exalting the humble & obedient

Eg: Abraham, Joseph (In different families &  generations, ifyouobserve, it is very true)


Verse 35 - Also Read Job 41:11

Don't think that you oryour fathers have done a great work for the Lord, as if Lords ows you or is a debtor to you in this matter(u r foolish)





Verse 1- We are redeemed from sin, it does not mean we are perfect in Christ, but we should whole heartedly submit ourselves to the word of God (Philip 2:12)

**BESEECH - Earnestly - urgently request - PLEASE - by the mercies of God(for Lords sake) - be thankful for His grace.

**Living Sacrifice - Holy, Acceptable to God

**Acceptable to God - Gal 4:9 - Now Lord knows you

**Present your bodies - Before it was animals, but yourself, that too Completely

**Whole Heart -- Ps 119:2(many times in Psalms),

Whole Body - Luke 11:34, Math 5:29,30


Verse 2- Be not conformed (1Peter 1:14)

**To this World - 2Cor 4:4(Satan is the God of this world)

**WE should teach people(not to be like this world) - 2Tim 2:24,26- apt to teach

**James 4:4- Ifyour a friend of this world, then an enemy of God,(that's why we always have a fight with the wordly style of doing things, We are chosen by the Lord to be a special and pecular nation)

**Transformed, then Glory - Mark (9:2,3-Mount of transfigaration)

Ezekiel 36:26 - I will giveyoua new heart & a new spirit

**Cor 3:15-18- change & transformation thru spirit, then liberty thru spirit, then only we will see the glory of God (when he comes)

**Renewing of mind - Titus 3:5

2Cor 4:16- even if outward man perish

Col 3:10 - to the image of the Son

Eph 4:23 - Renewed in Spirit (being a man of new mind)

**You have to prove to the world the perfect will of God


Verse 3 - Grace given to me - about his apostleship - Rom 1:5, Eph 3:8

**Every man a different measure of faith (the measure depends on our faithfulness)

>> Here it says 2 thing

1 – that we should not think highly as you ought to think

2 – you should think soberly and humbly

*It mainly means not to blame others but understand that it is God who uses different people for different ministries, so if God is using us more, don’t look at others as spiritually inferior.

* What to think and what not to think, that is taught by the holy spirits thru Pastors and teachers, church and gatherings are a workshop where we encourage others and learn we need a change.

*In the bible we don’t see a mega church concept, Jesus had 12 in his team, Paul , Peter, John etc were concentrating on a small group and when they are strong move to the next place.

In Acts 20:31 we see Paul stayed with them and strengthened them one by one. God gives a small group according to our calling under every one of his chosen children, its our responsibility to strengthen them, we are accountable to God.


Verses 4 & 5 – Even though we are different organs in the body of Christ, we should be one in unity – If one is weak, other organs should support it.

>>If you are of no use to the Church and the kingdom of God, then we are not an organ but a TUMOR (extra useless growth), always a headache till its cut off, we are not called to be a tumor but and efficient and working organ.


Verse 6 – Before this section of gifts, you should know about the other areas written about gifts

1 Cor 12: 8-10 (about 9 gifts of the Holy spirit)

Philip 1:29 – grant you the gift of suffering (in some translations that gift is avoided)

*Also we should know about the sign of the Holy spirit to the whole world – UNKNOWN TONGUE (Joel 2:28, John 3:5, Mark 16:17, Acts 2:4, 10:46, 19:6,  1Cor 14:2, 4, 5, 22. 18.)becausethe gifts of prophecy, interpretation and other gifts of authority comes to a person after he/she is baptized by the Holy Spirit


Prophecy - If prophecy according to our faith, prophecy should be related to our spiritual life and the word, not future telling.

Eg:Acts 21:10-14 -  Agabos took the belt of Paul, tied his hands and said, the owner of this belt, he will be tied and given to the gentiles. Those who heard it told paul not to go, But Paul said- Forget about tying, I am ready even to die for his name.

>> Acts 15:32 – strengthening

>> 1Cor 14:3 – should bring edification and comforting, verse 24 – convicted of sin

Verse 25 – submit himself,   verse 31 – encouraged

>> Prophecy s not to make you rich or bless you materially, and make you more into the world

but to sanctify you

show you what is in your life

where we need a change

what all we have to do for the Lord

to remind us of the decisions we have taken in the Lord and

which all ways God is going to lead us in the coming days.


Verse 7 – If ministering, let him minister (do all kinds of work for the glory of the Lord)

If you need to do all kinds of work, you need to be a hard-worker(with no-laziness and a humble mind)

Eg: When some brothers came for teamwork, one was saying, I only came for singing, when another brother was asked to help in lifting and loading the speakers, he said, do you know who I am, I have taken Bth from a reputed college. Today we see that a person when he becomes a servant of God or Pastor, he makes others to do all the work, he never cares to any physical work, does not have a humble mind to join in any physical work regarding ministry, rather than preaching on the pulpit. That is not the gift of holy spirit,becauseevery person who wants to join in the work of the lord should be ready in mind to do whatever work lord gives us, for the glory of his name. Lets start from the floor level, so satan never enters our heart through arrogance.


>> 1Sam 30:24 – Those who go for war and those who safeguard their things, will be rewarded equally rewarded – means those who preach and those who do whatever part of work for the ministry will be equally rewarded (like physical, gathering people, praying and fasting for the deliverance of souls and for faithful labourers, encouraging others through the word and your testimony, joining in the needs of ministry, helping others(your brothers and sisters in Christ) etc.)


>> We sometimes only see a church or pastor, but surely behind (like a tree, under the soil a lot of hidden roots support the tree to stand) them, there are a lot of believers supporting that spiritual gathering to exist, in prayers and all work, its like that support makes us stand strong and faithful as a team, against satan.


Teacher – let him teach (should be qualified(worthy) to teach), not in wisdom, perfect and a victor in the area which he is teaching (doctrinal teaching)


Verse 8 – Exhort – means to the practical areas in our daily Christian life, through the spirit. You can also exhort in the church or visit that affected person personally and encourage, exhort, counsel him, through the word and our experiencesbecausewe are a family. Not to blame, but to encourage and comfort.

Eg: Barnabas, the meaning of his name was – Son of Encouragement – Acts 4:36

>His work of encouragementyoucan see in Acts 9:26,27 – when other disciples didn’t accept paul, it was barnabas who exhorted them saying the change of paul and to accept him.

Acts 15:32 – exhorted the brethren

1Thess 5:14 – encourage each other

1Thess 2:11 – exhort as a father exhorts

2Tim 4:2 – Be prepared in season and out of season and exhort with all longsuffering

Heb 3:13 – Exhort one another daily

Heb 10:25 – exhort more as the day is approaching


Give – He who gives, let him give liberally

Math 6:3 – what the right hand gives, even the left hand should know

**Not for show, no partiality, guided by the spirit, without murmuring,

not forcefully, but with gladness, then only we will be rewarded ( even if it is for the Lord or foryourbrother)

**May be we don’t have a lot, but God has taught us to share what we have.

Eg: Jesus always taught his disciples to share, He never ate alone, fom th marriage of Cana, when disciples ate corn, when he fed 5000men an other time 7000 men, when he was talking with the Samaritan woman, till the last supper, after that even when the backslided and went back for fishing, Jesus called them, dear children-come and eat.

**Which means we cannot eat when our bro lacks,

**No its not our money or things, which lord has given us, we are just the keepers of it.


Leads – He who leads with diligence (uthsaham) – not to rule over them in the name of leading, but, guide them into all truth with all our effort, giving a lot of importance to that work.


Verse 9 – Let love be with out show but heartfully (No Drama)

1 Peter 1:22 – unfeigned love without hypocrisy

**Eg: In the bible- the betrayal of Judas is the biggest drama of love we see – calling Rabbi he betrayed Jesus.


** We are living in a time, where its all an acting of love, but If there is acting in our life, let us ask the Lord to give us a new heart(gods promise) and this gift of love(coz this is a gift of the holy spirit)

** 1 Cor chapt 13 explains what divine love is.


**Hate(run away from) what is Bad and cling to what is good  (stay glued to)

Cant be neutral



Verse 10 – Brotherly love – Philadelphia(greek)

We are related, like a family, is that love there in our fellowship, otherwise we need a change.


Verse 11 – Diligence – Full zeal and interest, no laziness

Like full throttle or RPM – ready with power

2 Peter 1:10 – give diligence toyourcalling

Heb 11:6 – He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek him

**Not somehow do the Lords work – like the don’t care mentality in standards - just need to pass somehow – butyourfull output

**Then fervent (burning) in spirit – Jesus whipped the business men in the temple of Jerusalem - intolerance to sin and the work of Satan


Verse 12 – Rejoice in hope – always think about the great eternal joy which is going to happen

Eg: we don’t get sleep the previous night we are going for a great trip – excitement

**Patient – in tribulation – Math 10:22 – endure till the last (same in Math 24:13, Mark 13:13)

James 1:12 – Blessed are those who endure till the last – crown of glory

James 5:11 – How much to bear or endure – the limit is the patience of Job

**Continue in praying – 1Thess 5:17


Verse 13 – Not to forcefully(without liking) give but to share, Sometimes we don’t have a lot to give but surely we can share (as in a family)

*Share means – even if it is profit or loss, pain or happiness, share it to make it divided

*When the church is a family, things what God has given us should be shared, so there is no one needy in our gathering. (But usually we share only our problems, if it is good things, we personally enjoy.

*Hospitality – even if we don’t have in plenty, lets share what we have, Even if we are not happy inside(a lot of tensions), let us cover our unhappiness and make others happy in the Lord.


Verse 14 – Help and pray for them who speak and do against you. (even it is from church members or outsiders)


Verse 15 – Rejoice with those who rejoice(that we all do), some people are there where there is food or program.

But joining(spending time) with those who are in pain –

*Jeremiah 15:16,17 – don’t go for all parties – where worldly people and mockers come, but our Joy should be in the word of God and his holy presence.


Verse 16 – Always one face – humble face, not one in the church and one outside.

*Always associate with the humble(ordinary) – This might be against the law of world – but it is the commandment of the Almighty.

Eg: we all try to have connection with people greater than us (a foreigner or some celebrity or a politician), this is man’s mentality.

*Some people, when they receive a little spiritual gift, they try to make others small, we forget its by Lords grace.

*Don’t be wise inyouropinion


Verse 17 – Don’t repay anyone for what they have done. Do things that no one will question you.

*Many people say that believers are cheaters or wrong – They blame us by saying Our life is painful to others. – And that we don’t live according to what we preach.


Verse 18 – Only if possible, it does not say to compromise as much as depends onyou(don’t forget the decisionsyouhave taken in the Lord)


Verse 19 – Don’t punish anyone who does wrong to u, that is Gods part

*When we avenge, we take Gods seat

*and because of that you become wrong

*and the other person doesn’t get punishment

Eg: Mordecai & Esther gave the case to God, with pain in heart, God destroyed that whole family.


Verse 20 – from Prov 25:21,22 Many people think that God will give him heaps of punishment.

>> Don’t desire to destroy anyone(like Jonah), but a great change in that person, this will only happen whenyouhandle the case in love and correction.


Verse 21 – You do good to those who do bad for you, it will open his eyes and regret for his sins. Then surely that person will join you in serving the living God. – Like that Good overcomes Evil.

>> All our experiences prove that Even though Evil might shine for some time, finally Good will win and endure.

>> All thru the bible it tell to loveyourenemy – Math 5:44, Luke 6:27,28, 35,36





Verse 1 –In this chapter we  see our relation with the government, country, then with our neighbor – society, here all we see bible teaches us about a systematic and orderly life.

Otherwise we cant preach, Lords children are not a bunch of lazy people without discipline and order (like street kids)


Verse 2 – If so your are opposing God


Verse 4 – We are getting a lot of facilities from government, that’s why taxes are to be paid. The time this was written, Government was really against Christians, still the holy spirit exhorted to pay the taxes (what is for Ceaser, Lord said let it be rendered to him.) Abide by the rule where you stay(in the Lord).

>> If the government becomes against, it is done by the Lord (they are appointed by God).What party God allows will only come, we don’t need to pray against Gods will, everything happening in the world is allowed by God.

>> Even in our personal life we think it would have been nice, if it was like this. No, everything that happens in our life is by the Lord. Its surely for our good, its for us to learn and understand many things.


Verse 6 & 7 – Taxes and customs should be completely given, and they should be respected.

>> Some people have a doubt – can Lords children be politicians or rulers – not because this groups is polluted, and one can never be unless he plays a lot of filthy and crooked games, simply a lot of lies, compromises, false promises have to be told. Its not a seat fit for a righteous and blameless man, don’t even associate with them.


Verse 8 – Owe nothing to any man or government


Verse 9 – Govt law are important, but above that Lord’s voice & commandment should have priority.


Verse 10 – Love of God supersedes all.


Verse 11 – 14 says AWAKE – its hightime – already late.


Verse 11 –Salvation is nearer day after day – let us be more perfect – that’s why our relationship with the society should also be perfect.

World does not know what time this is – but we should know and tell them – we are the tellers of time.


Verse 12 – Time has almost come, put away all the things of the world, put on the armour of light)

why armour –because the fighting of devil will also be maximum.


Verse 13 – Properly – not like the world – different in all areas – fighting, lust, envy, jealous.


Verse 14 – But put on Jesus Christ (to be clothed in) in all areas.

Let world see Jesus – imitate our Lord

>> Make no provision(space) for lust – Gal 5:19-21

Works of flesh – Rom 1:29-32,  Col 3:5-10 and all love(lust) of the world, fame, desire of money.

Eph 4:22-24 – put on a new man.




Verse 1 – Strengthen those which are weak spiritually, in faith (which is the opposite of works).

By Works you will not be saved, but by Faith. When people come to the Lord, they continue in their Karma.

>> Here it regarding Jews,they have their own cultural laws and observe many things, even we all have these sentiments days and doing things.


Verse 2 –because if they don’t get the Kesher meat(killed according the jewish traditions), then they don’t eat.

Strangled meat even we are not allowed to eat (Acts 15:20,29, 21:25) , but according to the jewish tradition, they only buy meat from council authorized store, where the authorized person prays and kills, that is not there in law. But otherwise they will outcast those who don’t.


Verses 3 - 6 – One person who does judging other person – which is not allowed

>> If it is offered to idols or strangled and we know it, we should not eat it. But at times, we don’t know, then praise the lord and eat.

>> Here it says- The day, place where we stay, food we eat, institution we study, food we eat, who our neighbours are- it has nothing to do with us – it will not at all affect us.

When we give thanks and praise God, that food becomes clean. The land, house and even our heart becomes the dwelling place of God – BETHEL (Gen 28:11-19)

>> A person who is more spiritual, takes more fasting, more prayers;  eating, dressing and dealings more scriptural than the others, Let him not judge others who are changing.

Righteous God when He talks to the person, surely they will also have to change.

>> The law in the Bible all have to follow, but the extra change is according to his calling, ministry and closeness with the Lord.

>> Here it says, If it hinders an other person, don’t do it.


Verses 7, 8 – Our motives – some people live for Family, Children, Money, I want to go abroad, I want to be outstanding and famous – We forget that we are for Lord.

>> 1Cor 6:20 – Therefore glorify in your bodybecauseHe has purchased you.

>> Do you want to live on your own or Christ to live in you. Then give importance toyourspiritual, whatever is hindering that, cut it offbecausespiritual life is important – Mark 9:43 – 48 – Lord is concerned about our spiritual life.

>> Mathew 16:26 – What profit is it if we gain the whole world but lose his own soul.

>> Gen 2:17 – From the day of disobedience started death – You shall surely die. So when we obey we will have the life of God.


Verse 10 – We don’t need to blame an other person. When we examine ourself, we will find where we need the change. Lord is the righteous judge. He will judge –

>> Math 16:27 – everyone according to the works (each and every single thing is noted there.)

>> When the Lord speaks thru an anointed servant, again it’s the Lord who is speaking, the preacher is only a spokesman of God.

>> The word spoken is also applicable, even for the preacher.


Verse 11 – written in Ish 45:23, also in Philip 2:10

>> we all have to be judged at the judgement seat

>> Everyone humble – every mistake you will have to confess


Verse 12 – Everyone will have to give a detail account – we are accountable to the Lord for everything

Heb 4:13 – Nothing is hidden, to whom we must give account.

>> to whatever written in bible or to what Lord speaks to us.

>> Eph 5:4 – Let not other talk and unfitting be among you, but Praise to God.

>> Don’t forget we are engaged into that holy relation with the Lord.


Verse 13 – Again don’t take time in judging or finding others fault.

Very common in many homes and churches – talking others fault. Bible calls it as Backbiters – they will not go to heaven.

>> So let us be careful in our talks and dealings, so you don’t hinder a person from going to heaven.


Verses 14, 15, 16 – If some food or jews ways are a hindrance, try to avoid doing it in front of your brother or sister. Walk in Love and don’t hurt them.


Verse 17 – eating and drinking – its not worldly or bodily matters which is important.

But the Joy in the Holy ghost(spiritual joy)

>Righteousness – goodness (his character)


>Joy – unspeakable joy – 1Peter 1:8

James 1:2,3 – joyin suffering

>Joy in the Holy ghost – in obeying the guidance of the Holy spirit – in speaking to the Lord

John 15:11 – Thatyourjoy may be full


Verse 18 – He who serves Christ in these 3 things is – examplery in front of man

>approved by men and

>acceptable by God


Verse 19 – Willyourworks spiritually uplift a person.


Verse 20 – Are your works a benefit to the work of the Lord, don’t spoil His name.


Verse 21 – Is it hindering your brother, if my bad works make my brother stumble (confuse, misled), I will be judged(punished).


Verse 23 – Are your works coming out of faith(law or Lords voice) or man made rules.






Verse 1 – Let us those who are strong bear the weak, till they become strong.


Verse 2 – lil confusing – in  translation

The real meaning – Just as Christ(verse 3) – Our goodness should bring our neighbours to the Lord.


Verse 3 – Ps 69:9 – The zeal of my house

>> The interest of Christ was not given importance, but the desire of Father.


Verse 4 – Written before time – Old testament.

Always in New testament, verses are taken from Old testament to make it sure – It is for our learning(strength), patience and comfort – John 5:39, Luke 24:44.

>> also in 1Cor 10:5,6,11 – written about the life of the children of Isreal.

>> That’s why we cant prove a doctrine alone from Old testament only.


Verses 5 & 6–one mind and one mouth

Philip 2:2 – one mind, one accord, then our joy is fulfilled

>>May Lord trainyouto be like-minded

>> Even in doctrine

>> Now Satan has made us (children of God) all in different views, believes regarding many things – Lords supper, Baptism, Annointment, Discipline, Suffering, Prosperity, worldly love and immorality.

>> Be one in Christ – like Him - Then only Satan will ashamed


Verse 7 – How did Father receive prodigal son – in that shabby and stinking dress – NO

>Bring in the finest dress and groom him.

>> When a person who is a sinner comes into our gathering, don’t make him go away, but make him understand in love and encourage him. (doesn’t mean to allow him to continue in sin), But as Christ received us to glory.

>> To bring us into the dedication of Christ.


Verses 8 & 9 – The Salvation thru Jesus is not only for gentiles but also for jews(circumcised)

>>becauseit’s a promise to Abraham and others that there will be a salvation thru Messiah.

>>9th verse taken from 2Sam 22 and Ps 18, It was the promise to jews, but to us, we got it by Grace,becauseit was not made for us.


Verse 10 – From Due 32:43

Verse 11 – Ps 117:1

Verse 12 – Ish 11:10 – Balancing Jews & Gentiles


Verse 13 – Kind of benediction and blessing for spiritual strength through the Holy spirit. (all joy, peace, hope, power)


Verses 14 & 15 – Reminding the church – That is the job of a servant of God, reminding again and again.

>> That you are full of goodness(righteousness)

>> That you are full of knowledge

>> That you are able(strong) to exhort one another


Verse 16 – Rom 11:13 – I am called as an apostle to the gentiles


>>Offering – sanctified by holy spirit, then it will be accepted,

How serious the OT service of a priest, their sacrifice, their life, peoples sacrifice.

>> How much serious it is in the old testament, it is also in the new testament, Only thing we are covered by grace.

>> Let us give our Lord all the reverence – Heb 12:28


>> Paul says I am doing my ministry(seva) very seriously – Let us also be serious in our work we do for the Lord.


>> It is the Holy spirit who prepares us for that and gives us (different areas) the needed change to be accepted by God.

2Cor 11:2 – For you are betrothed to Christ – as a chaste(true) virgin

Eg: I have spoken about a girl and guaranteed the marriage to the boys parent, when that girl flirts or goes with other guys, how much tension it is for me. That is why Paul is saying – I have to present you in front of the king of kings, as a holy person – how much you need to be prepared for that ?

>> 1Cor 6:11 – Holy spirit God will prepare us for that.


Verse 17 – I have a reason to glory – Paul is telling, I am doing my part very wonderfully

>> Let us examine ourselves – Are we doing the things God has entrusted to do regarding the kingdom

Eg: atleast half an hour before you come for meetings, ifyoucan prepare yourselves and come for meetings, its always a blessing.

Lords matters- all meetings – when we give full importance to that and come on time, its so wonderful. Think about the price He gave for us.


Verse 18 –I am not saying anything else but that God – Thru me – accomplish His plan.

What plan – To make the gentiles obedient in word and in deed.

>> Thru the law, jews are already halfway disciplined, buts it’s the gentiles who need a complete change.


Verse 19 – What Christ did thru him – by the power of the Holy spirit – signs and wonders

Nothing that I have done – 1Cor 1:18, 2:4,5,

That power will surely change people, Police or jail or court cannot change, people, But this power can.

>> From Jerusalem to Illyricum (pronounced as illirocom- which is present Yugoslavia), the ends of Roman empire and the end where Paul travelled with the Gospel.

>> He had worked very hard for Christ – fully preached – not hid anything(which Lord gave him)- Acts 20:20


Verse 20 –Paul is not teaching, preaching or building up on a wrong foundation, but he is clearly building every person, family and church on the real foundation(starting from scrap or basics onwards)

>> I am not going to a place where Christ is already named(or preached) or taught, where believers are already there, but I am finding new areas and people for Christ as the Spirit guides.


Verse 21 – from Ish 52:15 – He was proud and happy to speak about Christ to the Gentiles, who didn’t know.(it’s a prophecy that Christ will be spoken to all gentiles all over the world)


Verse 22 – Because I was busy in that work, I couldn’t come to you.


Verse 23 – Only once you have completed the heavenly assignment what God has given us can we ask anything from the Lord, but that’s not what we do.

>> We are like little children – Oh this is too hard, so let me try the next, we keep on trying to do new things without accomplishing our duty.

Eg: Just like some children try to learn guitar-they say its too hard, then keyboard-then they say its impossible, then they shift to drums, finally learn nothing. This is how we work for the Lord, today evangelist and pastors chose areas which is easy.

>> Nothing which the Lord tell us to do is too hard that we cannot do,becausethe grace of the Lord is sufficient for all.

Math 11:28-30 – Lord will make the heavenly task light and enjoyable for us, if we stay along with him under the same yoke.


Verse 24 – As I am going to Spain, my mind is to come and meet you – a great happiness –becausefrom gentiles such a great mass worshipping the Lord in truth and in spirit – and a great desire to encourage them and see how strong they are in the Lord.

>> He is writing this epistle to the Romans from Corinth.


Verse 25 – Now I am going to Jerusalem first


Verse 26 – Both spiritual and financial


Verse 27 – Jerusalem church was financially weak – 1Cor 16:3, 2Cor chapt 8, Gal 2:9,10

>> It not terming anyone poor or rich, its just a matter of sharing.

>>Lord is looking if we are really brothers or sisters.

>> All what God has given us is not fully ours, we are the keepers of it.

>> Lord has his own reasons for leading a family or individual through financial crisis or physical, mental or any problems

 >> He is the master – He gives life and take away, He makes rich and he makes poor – 1Sam 2:6-8


Verse 28 – It’s a duty


Verse 29 – fullness of word and of spirit, I have new things to share with you (As we minister, our wisdom, power, talents, authority over Satan and our holy life, it all increases.


Verse 30 – striving in prayer – Col 4:12

Striving and laboring for you in prayers – that you may be perfect and complete in all the will of God (Mot your will but completely God’s will)

>> Not to flatter Lord by your prayer word and make him bend into your will (impossible) but your mind should be diverted and turn yourself into Lords will.


Verse 31 – Pray for mainly for two things –

** So the un-believing jews might change

** This gift might be accepted

There was a great difference between jews and gentiles. So once they see this, they will understand how much their gentile brethren love them, in Christ.


Verse 32 – After doing the will and work of God

Joy – according to the will of God and

Refreshed – Every fellowship with saints will always be refreshing – their love, caring and sharing (Is it like that among us – examine ourself ??) - Philemon verse 7

Eg: after a walk or work in the sun – when you wipe your face with a wet tissue or show your face in front of an air conditioner,, how you feel – that is REFRESHED.






>> Around 26 names mentioned in this chapter, how does he know all of them in detail because Paul has not been in Rome, he is only going to meet the saints there.

>> Because he constantly prayed for the church members there and enquired about them. Lord might have surely revealed about their work for the Lord. He did not praise anyone but mentioned the names of brothers and sisters, whose vision and zeal was strong for the Lord, for their encouragement.

>> These many people’s names were mentioned but Peter’s name was not mentioned, which clearly proves that he had no relation or has not done any spiritual work in this church.

So the statement which Catholics says is completely false that – that Peter is the first pope in the church in Rome, otherwise if he had been there, atleast once Peter’s name would have been mentioned in the Epistle to Romans.


Verse 1 – Phoebe, she was a sister who helped in the ministry in Cenchrea (near Corinth).

She was not a Pastor, we have a wrong concept these days, people think that only if you are a pastor, then you are doing ministry. Every believer is called to be atleast an evangelist, then according to our calling and dedication, Lord allows us to do more for His kingdom, its all planned by the Lord.

Sister also have a great part in ministry, they can surely pray, counsel, teach and share with others the word of God, make all arrangements for a gathering or meeting, share their testimony and invite people to the Lord. All this will surely be guided by the Holyspirit, but Bible never allows a woman to be a Pastor or do any ministry of authority over men – (1Tim 2:11-13, chapt 3, again in Titus 1:5-7)

>> Then when they are married they should join with their family to do the ministry, which makes them blameless. Brothers also, when they go for ministry, let their families join them


Verse 2 – This sister is going with this epistle to Rome, so she is introduced first.

>> Paul says, She has been a great helper for many and for me. For this family, they gave importance to the Lord’s work more than their personal matter, that’s why Paul says – To receive her as a saint.

>> Out of these 26 people, 9 are sister.


Verse 3 – Aquila and Priscilla (Husband and wife) – 4 times in the bible – Rom 16:3,   Acts 18:18, 26,   2Tim 4:19 – very helpful for the ministry.


Verse 4 – When – not mentioned clearly here – but they risked their lives to save Paul, when he spoke boldly. They were ready to give their lives for the Lord, not simply in words.


Verse 5 – church was in their house.


Verse 6 – We see here about a Mary in the church. In the New testament, we see about 6 Mary’s.


Verse 10 – Apelles – who is approved in Christ – See what Holy spirit confessed about him.

Let us examine what will Holy spirit God say about us ?


Verse 12 – 3 sisters who labored for Lord


Verse 13 –How close Paul was with Rufus family (son of Simon the Cyrene – an African place) – Mark 15:21 – brotherly love.


Verse 16 – They always used to greet with a holy kiss.

Usually when we meet strangers, we give a shake hand, but when family members meet we hug. Paul exhorts that family love should always be among church membersbecausewe have one father and one eternal address.


Verse 17 – Those days also people use to come and make divisions in gatherings. Here people from many places used to gather so the trouble makers used to create groupisms, but Paul says to completely avoid them from the church.


Verse 18 – Today’s ministers – majority of them serving their own belly(only looking for their financial benefit), with flattering and sweet words to canvas people to increase membership or income to the church, rather than guiding people to holiness and building them strong in Christ, instead working for organizations, not for the lord.


Verse 19 – Your obedience is famous

>> But many people – how much truth they hear, not able to follow the truth – 2Tim 3:7


Verse 20 – We don’t want the peace of compromising with the world. But if you want heavenly peace and joy in your life, crush satan and his tricks under your feet. You can only have victory over satan if you are true to the word you hear.

Col 2:14,15 – Like how on the cross, Jesus had public victory


Verse 22 – Tertius helped Paul in writing this epistle – later he became the servant of God in Iconium.


Verse 23 – Gaius – mentioned many times in Acts, Romans, 1Corinthians and the 3rd epistle of John.

Erastus – a government officer - V.I.P – He also helped Paul in ministry by going along with him. So if he can join in the Lords work, how  much busy we are, we can also do our part and give our time for the glory of the Kingdom of God.


Verse 24 – All glory to Lord Jesus


Verses 25 & 26 – Lord will only give you opportunities and strengthen you to obey His word

>> Obedience to the word and will of Father  Heb 5:8 – Jesus – the son of God – Learned obedience.

>> Many know the word of God and fears God (Bible says even satan fears Gods), that’s not what matters – being completely obedient to the voice of God and to the council of the Holy spirit, your name will be entered in the book of he Living.


Verse 27 – Let us humble ourself in the wisdom of Christ.